Windura was invited by homeowners in a beautiful neighborhood near the border between Overland Park, KS and Leawood, KS to provide a Free Estimate for replacement windows and a large sliding patio door. The homeowners had just recently purchased this house, and issues with the original wood windows were apparent. Several of the windows had rotted wood sashes, and many of the units were drafty and inefficient.

Dark exterior window colors have been an increasingly popular choice for some time, and exterior window frame colors like Bronze and Black really make the windows “pop” and can completely transform the look of the outside of a home.

Windura offers a wide range of window options for different interior and exterior aesthetic choices, as well as price points. Due to the large size of many of this home’s windows and doors, as well as the desire for a dark bronze window finish, fiberglass windows were the obvious choice.

Fiberglass Windows - Overland Park KS home

Fiberglass windows and doors offer many features that vinyl window and door products simply can’t match. While they’re a bit more expensive than vinyl windows, fiberglass windows offer greatly improved frame strength and minimal frame movement in temperature swings when compared to vinyl window frames – especially important in our Kansas City climate that can vary wildly from season to season. In addition, the frame strength of fiberglass windows allows for the windows and doors to have a Bronze or Black exterior finish with no fear of warping or peeling. The long-term durability and energy-efficiency of fiberglass windows is outstanding.

As is always the case, these beautiful new windows were professionally installed by Windura’s team of seasoned employee installers – not subcontractors. Most of our team has been with us for many years and is completely dedicated to a proper installation that will serve you and your home well for decades to come.

Fiberglass Windows - Overland Park KS
Fiberglass Windows - Overland Park KS
Fiberglass Windows - Overland Park KS

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