Like many people, you probably skimmed or even completely ignored the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law last August.  If you did...I don't blame you.  Like any piece of legislation it can be mired in complex language, obscure references, subsections, sub subsections, footnotes and amendments. Let's be's a real snoozefest.

But...once you wake up from that nap, be sure to read the fine detail about how the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit was enhanced as part of the act! 

Previously, the credit for replacing your worn out windows and doors with energy efficient ones was set at 10% of the cost and capped at a $500 lifetime max.

Now, the tax credit has been INCREASED TO 30% of the cost with up to $600 per year for efficient windows and $500 for doors.  AND THE LIFETIME MAX HAS BEEN ELIMINATED, SO THE CREDIT CAN BE CLAIMED EACH AND EVERY YEAR!  Over several years, that can really add up quickly to thousands of dollars saved!  

Careful planning to maximize your tax credits while replacing the worst offenders in your home over time can now have a substantial positive impact on your finances.  Visit us online at or call us at 913-362-3872 if you would like help making a plan.  Calculate your potential credits by downloading our free Tax Credit Calculator.

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