If you’ve spent any time at all following the latest home improvement trends via social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, you’ve probably heard that the latest “must have” household item is a fancy new entry door. There have been hundreds of posts this summer featuring amazing, custom-built creations that would make any home shine … but in most cases, the price point is terrifying! Really, would you actually spend $10,000 on a front door? Who does that?! (If you do, you really should call us immediately).

Here’s the good news: although a new front door can make a world of difference when it comes to enhancing curb appeal and improving energy efficiency, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! If you’re in the market for a new front door, we have plenty of options available to improve your home without breaking the bank. The manufacturers we partner with produce top quality entry doors to meet every budget. Whether you’re looking for a custom designed door to really make an impression, or just need a well-made standard design to update your home, we have lots of options to choose from.

You may have already noticed from your favorite pin boards that entry doors are available in all shapes and sizes these days. Generally speaking, however, there are really just three main types of doors:

  • Wood Entry Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors

Wood Doors

If you’re looking to add some character and style to your home, a wood door might just be your best bet. They’re completely customizable with paint or stain, and are available in many different varieties of wood (cherry, oak, etc.), textures, and designs. However, it’s typically a more expensive choice than steel or fiberglass, both up-front and over time.

The drawback is that woods needs attention … and a lot more frequently than you’d expect if you want to keep it looking new year after year. Harsh winters, direct sunlight, and wet or windy conditions will all take their toll. Hairline cracks and changes in the color or texture of the surface will start to appear and will require repair to the door’s finish. Expect to touch up your door’s paint or stain every two or three years.

Steel Doors

A steel entry door is a great budget-friendly option. Even better, Remodeling Magazine’s most recent annual Cost vs. Value report indicates that an entry door replacement project featuring a new steel door returns almost 130% of the installed cost – in fact, it’s the only project in the report that has an immediate positive return on your investment!

It’s a common misconception that steel doors are solid metal … but they’re not. They have a polyurethane core with a 16-24-guage steel skin. The core material is designed to act as a highly effective insulator, and is the main reason steel doors have gained a reputation as being exceptionally weather resistant.

Steel doors come either primed, or with a factory-applied paint. Some are even clad with a vinyl coating that emulates wood grain. And unlike wood doors, top quality steel entry door don’t require nearly as much maintenance over time. The only drawback to steel is that it is prone to the occasional dent or ding – both of which are almost impossible to repair. They may offer long-lasting performance, but they won’t always look brand new.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is a great choice for most Kansas City homeowners. Cost-wise, these doors typically fall right in the middle between Steel and Wood alternatives. However, they outshine other types of doors in both performance and maintenance.

Like steel doors, they are extremely energy efficient with an inner foam core that keeps them lightweight and budget-friendly. And the exterior fiberglass coating is impervious to moisture, rot and insects, which makes them the durable in even the most severe weather conditions.

Even better, the newest manufacturing processes allow for various custom design options including wood grain texture, and dozens of color choices. Whereas wood doors can expand and contract with humidity levels, causing paints and stains to crack over time, fiberglass doors are impervious to fluctuating weather conditions, so you won’t need to touch up the exterior finish. And unlike steel doors, they won’t warp with extreme temperatures, so you’ll never need to worry about gaps or leaks in the frame.

The cost of a new entry door will vary according to size, configuration, hardware, glass options and other features, but these are the three main materials to choose from. For more information about front door options and styles, please call our office at 913-362-3872. We’re happy to help!

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