Whether you’ve lived in Kansas City for years, or have recently moved to the area, you know that summers here can be pretty miserable … especially with record-breaking heat waves and 100% humidity. We all know outdoor activities can be unpleasant this time of year, but unfortunately, for many homeowners, time spent indoors can be uncomfortable too. Drafty windows and doors are usually more obvious in the winter months, but they can make your home just as unpleasant when it’s especially hot outside.

As the temperature rises, poor quality and/or older windows experience a number of changes that negatively affect their performance – and in extreme summer temperatures, problems with air leakage can become even worse. And while it’s true that the older windows in your home were once dimensionally stable, tight, and easy to operate, expansion between the glass and the frame caused by extreme temperatures has likely taken its toll over time – to a certain extent, this is to be expected with seasonal weather changes, but 20-30 year old windows were not constructed with the same technologies that today’s windows offer. They weren’t built to accommodate the excessive summer heat nearly as well as today’s new windows do.

As constant temperature extremes weaken the structural integrity of older windows, they will experience increasingly poor performance over time. The expansion between the glass and the old frame will likely result in air leakage, stressed frames and joints, broken window seals, condensation, and ultimately, inoperable windows. This results in reduced energy efficiency, an uncomfortable home environment, and worst of all, costly utility bills.

Higher quality replacement windows are built to last, and offer vastly improved protection from outside elements. And now with flexible payment options, and a diverse menu of window styles, colors, and energy efficient features, there has never been a better time to replace your windows. Unlike the national window companies and the big box stores, we have a 10+ year history installing and repairing Kansas City windows. We have the local expertise to offer the right window solutions for our midwest climate. Please give us a call to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, and learn how energy efficient replacement windows can improve your home.

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