If you’re considering replacement windows for your home, you’ve probably already checked out the big box stores and called the $189 window dealers … as you should. It’s important to see first hand what bargain windows are really about so you can appreciate the considerable differences higher quality windows offer. And if you’re just beginning to research new or replacement windows, you’ve come to the right place.

Windows are an extremely important element in the overall structure of your home. They let light and air in, of course, but they play a critical role in both interior and exterior design too. Replacement windows can transform your home from a classic to modern style, neutral to vibrant color, or dark to light ambiance. With all the new styles, materials, and colors now available, there are virtually endless design options to choose from. But whether you’re shopping for new windows to improve the look of your home, reduce utility costs, or to replace broken or severely weathered windows, the benefits are numerous …

Interior Comfort

Window replacement can eliminate air leakages that produce unnecessarily high utility costs. And with the energy-efficient options available in today’s windows, your home can better retain heat in the winter, and reduce harmful solar radiation in the summer months.

Energy Savings

Today’s windows are far more efficient than older wood windows. The insulated glass, solid construction, and technologically advanced materials allow your furnace and air conditioning system to conserve energy by working less during seasonal temperatures changes.

Environmental Protection

By creating more stable temperatures inside your home, new windows allow heating and cooling systems to use less energy, helping to better preserve the environment. Window replacement is an environmentally responsible home improvement project and offers significant ROI compared to other structural renovations.


If you’re concerned about burglaries and break-ins, new windows are a great option to improve the security of your home. The newest locking mechanisms and security features prevent replacement windows from being forcibly opened and offer better protection from glass breakage.

Noise Reduction

With properly insulated replacement windows, you can block a significant amount of outside noise from entering your home – and even better, you can make plenty of noise inside your own house without disturbing your neighbors!

Windura has been serving Kansas City area customers for over 10 years – we know your neighborhood, and what types of windows work best in this climate. You can trust our expert installation team to offer only the best window solutions and do the job right!

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