In many older homes, windows are often surrounded by detailed interior trim that is difficult to repair or duplicate. When these windows are replaced, it’s important to install them without damaging this trim material. An installation method called “pocket installation” solves the problem by sizing the window to fit inside the existing window frame, eliminating the need to remove any interior or exterior trim.

However, the pocket installation method isn’t always the best choice. There is an alternative called “rough-opening window installation,” and for many homes, this window replacement method offers several advantages: it provides the maximum amount of space to properly insulate around window frames, it accommodates the largest possible amount of window glass, and it allows installers to better match the original window design.

Many of our customers have told us that before working with Windura, they shopped for windows themselves at the big home improvement stores. Most tell us the quality was poor, the price was too high, or the features just weren’t right … but occasionally, design is the big deterrent. More specifically, these homeowners can’t visualize these generic vinyl windows fitting properly in their homes. The truth is, they don’t … It takes professional-grade vinyl and fiberglass window products and the proper installation technique to achieve the quality design and fit most homeowners are looking for.

So why don’t more window companies offer true rough-opening installations? The answer is simple: this procedure takes more time, skill, and attention to detail than the simpler pocket installation that most companies use. Full removal of old windows yields numerous benefits, from aesthetics, to energy-efficiency, and most importantly, long-term value. When shopping for replacement windows, whether you’re looking for vinyl windows or fiberglass window solutions, we urge you to get more information about the window installation technique that’s best for your home. Contact Windura today to learn more about our window products, installation services, and warranty information.

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