WINDURA provides a lifetime limited warranty for the original installation of all products, beginning at the date of the completion of the project. Under this warranty, any operational problems, air or water leaks, or other problems reported by the Homeowner will be inspected by WINDURA, and at WINDURA’s sole discretion, determine if faulty original installation has occurred. If installation is determined to be faulty by WINDURA, the product will be reinstalled or repaired by WINDURA at no cost to the Homeowner. 


      1. This warranty is not transferable, and does not apply to a transferee of the Homeowner.
  1. This warranty is intended to apply to the work performed by WINDURA, and not for ordinary wear and tear.

    Factors excluded from this warranty are those caused by: 
    1. Modifications made after the installation by the Homeowner or other service provider;
    2. Normal or abnormal settling of the home, which includes seasonal expansion and contraction caused by changing weather patterns;
    3. Vandalism, terrorism or acts of war;
    4. Fire;
    5. Acts of God (i.e. tornadoes, floods, etc.); or 
    6. Water leaks that may appear through the window or door in question, but originate at a point independent from the window or door and its related trim. 

    This warranty does not apply to: 
    1. Color variance that occurs between replacement parts and weathered original material; or
    2. Any products not installed by WINDURA.


WINDURA is not a manufacturer of the home improvement products we install.  However, in addition to the Manufacturer’s Warranty of the product our Client (the “Homeowner”) purchases, WINDURA warrants its service and installation on the Client’s home.  We warrant to the Client as follows:

WINDURA will facilitate the Manufacturer’s Warranty by ordering parts as required under Warranty coverage. If any product or product component is to be replaced under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, WINDURA will install the replacement parts or products at no charge, within two (2) years of original installation. After two (2) years, a nominal installation service charge will apply.